Panel de control de enfermería VoIP 7»

Panel de control de enfermería VoIP 7» ”

The statuses of all working Room Control Units connected to the panel can be monitored actively. All errors and notifications shall be displayed on the information panel. Emergency codes, WC calls, and normal calls may be monitored. All processes passing through the system are logged. All logs can be reported in detail. There are a configurable number of room monitoring icons on the interface. The status of calls are tracked in real time via these icons.

7” HD Touch display
Panel to room communication
Panel to a group of rooms communication
General call from rooms or nurse stations
Full duplex
SIP protocol
PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and 220 V
Conference call
Real-time nurse monitoring
Call priority depending on level of urgency
Automatic network checks
Easy programming
As many call jumps as needed to other nurse stations or rooms